Letter to Congress re: Chained CPI

Release re: LCAO Budget Principles

Letter to President re: Budget Principles

Letter to Congress re: Budget Principles

LCAO Federal Budget Principles

LCAO Medicare Characteristics Costs Fact Sheet

LCAO Medicare Home Health Copayments Issue Brief

LCAO Medigap Issue Brief

LCAO Medicaid Per Capita Caps Issue Brief

Letter to Senate Finance re: Extenders Package

LCAO Sequestration Issue Brief

LCAO Dual Eligibles Fact Sheet

LCAO Medicaid Block Grant Issue Brief

LCAO Medicare Characteristics and Costs Fact Sheet

LCAO Premium Support Issue Brief

Letter to House Supporting MAPI Act

LCAO Housing Taskforce Principles

Letter Supporting Coordination of Pro Bono Medically Recommended Dental Care Act

Letter Opposing House FY 2013 Budget Resolution

LCAO Dual Eligible Principles

Letter re: FY 2013 Labor-HHS Appropriations

Letter to Congress re: FY 2013 Budget Request

Letter Supporting S. 1088 to Fully Fund ERRP

Letter Supporting H.R. 3887 to Fully Fund ERRP

LCAO 2012 Presidential Candidates Survey

Letter to House re: FY 2013 LIHEAP Funding

Letter to Senate re: FY 2013 LIHEAP Funding

Letter to Conferees re: SGR and Medicare Extensions

Letter to House Opposing CLASS Repeal

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