Membership Information

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Membership Information

Membership in the LCAO is currently by invitation only and is limited to those organizations who meet the following criteria:

  •  The organization must have as a primary purpose the welfare of older persons.
  •  The organization must be national in scope and/or membership, must maintain a national presence in   Washington, DC, and is expected to participate on an ongoing basis in LCAO activities.
  •  The organization must represent or be comprised of:
    • Older persons, OR
    • Individuals/groups whose primary function is to serve older persons, either directly or indirectly, OR
    • Individuals/groups whose primary function is to generate or advance knowledge of older persons and aging.
  •  The organization must have an identified unit concerned with national policy affecting older persons.
  •  The organization must be nonprofit, shall not be a sub-unit or affiliated entity of a for-profit enterprise, and   the organization’s membership must be composed predominantly of individuals or nonprofit organizations.
  •  The organization must have been in existence for a minimum of 2 years and have an established track record with broad involvement in the field of aging.
  •  The organization must have the independent authority to make policy decisions for itself and not for a coalition of organizations.
  •  The organization must embrace the mission, purpose, and principles of LCAO, and will advance the mission of LCAO.
  •  Members are required to pay $200 in annual dues.

The Leadership Council of Aging Organizations, May 1991
Revised September 1994
Revised May 1999
Revised May 2008

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